The People

What gives Tinchuley its identity is the people who live here. Friendly, welcoming and always willing to help, the amazing people of Tinchuley will enrich your hearts and fulfill your spirits.


Towards the upper hills of Tinchuley lies the Lamahatta forest which is covered by a thick layer of Pine trees. These forests are protected by the Forest Department of the Indian Government and offer a safe haven to a variety of wild animals like the Himalayan Leopard, Wild Boars, the Barking Deer and the Himalayan Black Bear. The people of Tinchuley and Rayak have lived in harmony with the surrounding wild life for decades. Maintaining...

Tea Gardens

Tinchuley is surrounded by the famous tea gardens of Darjeeling. Just a few minutes walk will take you to Peshok tea garden which is the largest one in Darjeeling. For the more adventurous ones, a trek along the Peshok-Teesta road will take you to the nearby Lopchu tea estate where you can walk among the splendid rolling tea gardens of Lopchu. Lopchu Tea Estate Peshok Tea Estate

Hills and Mountains

You can view the surrounding hills all the way from the lush green skyline of Kalimpong and Bhutan to the snow covered peaks of Sikkim and Nepal.


These rooms offer an unobstructed view of the surrounding hills and forests right from your bed. Each room comes with a balcony where you can enjoy a fresh cup of Darjeeling tea early morning while enjoying the spectacular sunrise.